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United Gift Shop

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United Gift Shop... we work to keep bringing in things that will make you want to keep coming back!
Each vendor's "booth" in our shop is different than the others and displays the vendor's personality. 
YES, our customers may call us the "junk store" ... but we take it as a compliment! 
Actually, we love to be here, to add to the decor, and to offer you a great selection of antique and "like-new" merchandise in: cottage and country, retro jewelry and antique curiosities, china and chairs, baskets and buckets, doors and doilies, linens and lamps, windows and wicker, quilts and old things made new again!!
And here's a photo of us girls celebrating! 


Our Business Philosophy

philosophy?  what's that?
Oh, how 'bout:
"This ain't no museum; this stuff's for sale."
"It's all about the thrill of the hunt"
"There's JOY in finding what speaks to you."
or our newest one: "wabi sabi" which is Japanese for "perfect imperfection" ...  what we strive for daily!  Azaliea has clued us in to this idea!!

Our Employees
Employees?  What's that?
You mean the "free help" as Anne calls herself?
Most vendors work one day each month... that gives us time to put in new treasures and play (and shop each other's booths ;))
You'll find me, Joy, here most days.  Anne is here a lot, too- just 'cause she loves it and she now works every Tuesday!  Azzie stops by often too 'cause she can't stay away!
Terri, Sharon, Trish, Cathy and Gina are here often.  Sometimes, you can catch Jim here too. Janice has a selling space now.  She and Gayla are often here in the evenings while their sons are at karate. 
Here's Janice on Girls Night Out!


Lookie... here we are at a Fall Luncheon... celebrating at Sharon's house!


United Gift Shop


Here is a picture of our shop.



United Gift Shop
79 Tennessee Street
Ringgold, GA 30736